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I am Kathryn Anne Casey, a graduate of Divine Mercy University, certified life coach, freelance writer, housewife and mother of four children.

It feels as though I have always searched for meaning, but when everything I held on to for stability slipped away it was time to go deeper. In my writing, I explore the path to finding peace in an unstable world, where we do not know what tomorrow will bring. I hope my explorations will help you navigate your own path to peace, beauty and goodness.

In my weekly newspaper column “Here’s to the Good Life!”; reporting on local events that celebrate small-town life in the Hughson Chronicle-Denair Dispatch, online publications at Mind&Spirit, Parent.co209 Magazine and Verily Mag; and blog focus on art, psychology, consumerism and the importance of local community. Read more…

I hope you will sit and stay a while, peruse the blog, see the latest posts. If you would like help with your writing or design, send me a message and let’s see what the possibilities hold. It is almost certainly more than we can imagine.


I look forward to hearing from you!

~ Kathryn