First Musings

I am considering having a blog.  I am not sure why.  Could it be beneficial to others?  Would others enjoy seeing my little crafts and decorating projects?  At one time, I was a good writer.  Could this perhaps be a useful venture?  Let us see…

This weekend I put the home through what it takes to get over the rainbow (a tornado) in a desperate need to realize some blocked up creative energy.  So in our great room which has no walls and little wall space, we removed the piano (placing it against the sliding glass door in my daughter’s room), moved the living area away from the fireplace orienting it to the backyard sliding glass door, and created a eat-in kitchen feel by giving the dining table a much smaller footprint.

Emotionally how did it fair?  The room feels more spacious.  The couch faces the kitchen so we can chat and relax and nurse without a sense of hiding from the world.  A beautiful old world painting hangs over the bar reminding me of the Irish pub in Portrait of Jenny and Michael Collins going to battle (even though the painting is really more like a landscape from a Thomas Hardy novel). Miriam threw herself on the empty rug as we moved furniture and said she would go to sleep on it. My little darling’s playing vigor is renewed in what feels like a new space.

I love making seasonal adjustments.  It feels like spring is almost over since the weather predictions hover around 90 degrees and we can’t run our air conditioner.  But I am reminded that it is spring because my first ever in-ground flowers have begun to bloom.  I saw two iris plants blooming: one, that iconic purple and white beard Iris in Van Gogh’s paintings and the other, a periwinkle blue.  I never knew flowers could look so beautiful and I did not even plant them myself, but I tended them and weeded them and worried for them.  I am at this time ignoring that something seems to have nibbled holes in the petals of one.  I cut it just the same, paced it in a vase as the first fruits of my labor and love.  So it has a proud place on the dining room table.

I will continue to make adjustments to the room and prepare it for the changing of the seasons. The cute spring items will be packed up make room for the hot colors of summer. I plan to focus on using orange.  That is the change the takes place here in the valley.  Spring is beautiful and fresh and green and full of life.  Summer can beat down on us in the intensity of its heat.  Then the home becomes a refuge and the game is closing the curtains, opening and closing the windows in order to maximize the evening and nighttime breeze and minimize the dry slow heat the follows during the day.

It felt good to think about writing again and spend some time doing it.

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