Little projects here and there

We’re making progress at a bit at a time.  Our new chaise lounge arrived and fits beautifully with our bedroom decor.  I realize now the decor was less Art Nouveau and more Rococo, but I’m sure no one will fault me for it.  The important thing for me are the colors, organic shapes and mixtures of antiques and new pieces.IMG_4929

Our headboard needs a little extra work but I neglected to add a detail shot of it.  My husband acquired an antique piano with the intent to repair it.  However a repair was impossible so pieces of it now grace us as our headboard and bench at the foot of the bed.


We’re getting tired of looking at the green of the living/dining room.  Using paint samples of Colonnade Gray, I started painting the kitchen.  We went from here:


to here:


I love the cooler, more modern look.  I dream of indigo and paprika accents.

This morning, the glass rack went up:


And using foam from window seats I made two houses ago, I made cushions for our picnic benches.  Benches for dining tables are shockingly expensive, so I’m repurposing these old redwood benches, painting with exterior paint, and now covered in suiting fabric I received when my grandmother moved from her house.  Tomato red fabric ties them down.


I may switch the red fabric for black later on, but it’s something to fun to look at while we transition.  My dream is to use reclaimed, 100-year old lumber from my father’s house to make a new, rustic dining table.  I do not yet know if that dream will be realized.

So slowly but surely, we make the place our own.


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