Jewels around the room

And so another month passed in the life of the Casey family. It appears blog in great bursts of energy and then retreat back to the private shell of life. During the course of the month I learned I ought to only include one space at the end of each sentence and am grateful to say I have nearly mastered the art. Life is beautiful and busy. I’ve returned to work two days a week. We’ve stretched our roles to be both part time workers and part time stay at home parents, which adds up to one full time income and a parent always at home with our children. Our eldest has braved the playgrounds of preschool and loved it thus finding no equal in cuteness or impressiveness (personal opinion).


The chandelier is up!


We now have lovely jewels sprinkled around our home.IMG_5059





At the same consignment store where we purchased the piano, I spotted a wooden camera tripod leaning along with miscellaneous items. I kept it in mind and returned to haggle when I couldn’t stop thinking about it.


The shade is temporary but I’m pleased with the colors. Since its not trés chic to mix metals, I love the look of the gold shade against our warm gray walls.


Mason jars adorn our three piece pendant in the hallway.



It occurs to me I never posted photos of our newly decorate hall bath.


I painted over “aged chocolate” brown paint with my left over Urban Loft (free project), removed the mirror and replaced it with a lovely wooden find from World Market.


I used a cutting board to create a tray and add an element of warmth for the bathroom necessities of toothbrushes, cup and toothpaste.


This look created the canvas I’ve longed for to hang an abstract painting I have ever loved and my husband has ever hated.



I call it my feminist painting because as I look at it, I feel the beauty of womanhood celebrated. My husband just thinks it is odd. Were artists ever meant to see fully eye to eye?


The boy’s room has begun its transformation.





I was looking at coral colors but worried it would present as too pink. I opted for an orange that isn’t too far from the coral palate called Azalea Blossom by Clark and Kinsington. I’ve been so pleased with the cost and quality of this paint.


The color is very forward in its silliness, but isn’t that what a child’s room should be like?


I have some delicious plans cooked up for the rest of the room. More to follow on that.


Plans move along with the outdoors as well. The man has decided to let the weed lawn in the backyard die. We can allocate more water to the front (trying go green here, people) and prepare the back for more landscaping. Our plan is to install a brick path (firebricks from my parents’ home) rocks along the outside with succulents planted around the outside as well. We’ll look into drought tolerant ground cover once the brick path is installed. It won’t be little Italy, but it will be responsible gardening for California climate.


  1. Your tripod lamp is fantastic! I really wish I could find a similar base. Every one that I’ve found is crazy over priced. I’m still hopeful I can make it work. 🙂

    1. Thank you! I think the key is finding a dealer you can work with. We’ve been so fortunate with the consignment shop here. I spotted it in a pile of not-yet-priced merchandize he had just brought in.

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