Master Bath Day Dream, Take 2

The daydream I posted before was totally within reach financially (within reach this decade, to be specific) but if we translate time into money the plan would cost at least a $20,000, as I see it. We won’t have time this decade for that.
As it costs me nothing but joy to decorate in my head, here is Plan, ahem, Daydream 2 for the Master Bath.
I found this tutorial for how to turn a dated, cultured marble counter into a concrete counter top with a thin concrete overlay.
Using the existing vanity, painted white with nickel drawer pulls installed, an attractive nickel faucet, we could have something very functional and attractive.
Reverting back to the old idea of taking reclaimed redwood siding, I can frame out two mirrors to hang above each sink, allowing me to mount functional storage between the mirrors, or on the side, or below, or anywhere, since currently the mirror is large enough to hold a counseling session or interrogation behind it.
For lighting, continuing the nickel finish, school house light vanity lights to continue the clean, simple, down-to-earth vibe. Apothecary jars to hold our Costco purchases of Dove soap, cotton balls, and q-tips.
We also have a homemade hanging crate chandelier, modeled after a Pottery Barn project, that could hang over one side of the tub for candles, a plant, romantic stuff like that.
Hanging box detail, modeled after Pottery Barn
 This plan is much more realistic in terms of cost and time. Whatever happens, I’m dying to get that massive mirror out!

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