Easter Preparations for the eye and mouth

Spring Decor

Now is the time for Lent. It is a time when we prepare for Easter. It is not a time to yet celebrate Easter. But still, with preparation, some exciting things must take place, such as planning the Easter menu. And as we live in California, spring comes early, and so do my spring decorations.

IMG_6601Faux ranunculus looking sweet on a decorative plate my mother bought me with an Art Nouveau floral scroll, my favorite motif.

IMG_6600As my first venture into neutral decorating, I’ve selected accept colors for each season. In fall, it was orange. In Winter, it was blue or indigo. For spring, think pink!

IMG_6606A coral throw below a floral print trio encased in a cream frame.

IMG_6598Depression-era glass with found bird’s nest complete with foam eggs (spring is too long in California to decorate with real eggs, Minnesotans could probably pull that off).

IMG_6592I’ve laid a floral table runner with beautiful pinks and greens across the mantel and added some more spring touches. A vintage wood stool, a touch of silver, wood pieces from my father’s orchard, a tray from an estate sale, an egg basket I bought when we had chickens.

IMG_6590Incidentally, the nests are all from the home we had in the country, where we also had chickens.

IMG_6591I’ve added a moving pink accent in the living room. I’s important to find things the carry the eye around the room. Please see below.


If there is any day to celebrate it is Easter. Easter is the greatest feast we have in the Catholic Church. So the meal requires due focus. This year my parents are out-of-town. Our company may be smaller but I am delighted to say our parish priest is planning on joining us.

Without further ado…

The Menu

Grilled zucchini rolls with herbs and cheese


Broiled Lobster Tails


Amazing ingredients demand simple preparation.

Spring green risotto


Herb Biscuits

Lemon Buttermilk Cake With Pistachio Ice Cream


 Menu from Easter Past

This is quite the departure from previous Easters. We prepared one my my favorite menus on our first Easter as a married couple. If we acquire more guests, we may borrow from the old.

Sardinian Lamb Kabobs over couscous


Deviled Eggs

Spring Salad

Italian Easter Bread

Angel Food Cake

IMG_1842Bon Appetit!

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