An Easter recap

We’re meeting milestones here. For the first time since our eldest was born, I made it to Good Friday celebrations. Grace abounded with the relaxed attitude I brought with me (unusual, I can assure you). It was beautiful to see my son venerate the cross.

On Holy Saturday I struggled with my husband’s absence while he earned our daily bread. I did a few things around the house but mostly attempted to let go of whatever I had planned to do and spend time from my kids, to keep them from crying.

We began two new traditions for Holy Saturday. During the day we decorated plain thrift store Easter baskets.

IMG_6732And we had a bonfire. A Catholic tradition which dates back centuries, still lived through the Easter fire at the commencement of the Easter vigil mass, we decided to bring some liturgical elements to the celebrations within our domestic church. My husband chanted the opening to the exultant and I read the epistle and gospel while the kids hid behind me from the fire. That night my son coughed badly, I think from the smoke. We’ll work on that next year.

Easter morning my children woke and began eating breakfast. The door bell rang. “Who could that be?” Halfway to the door my four-year exclaims, “maybe it’s the Easter bunny!” Gifts abounded. Earlier this week I said to my husband, “I think one of my love languages is gifts.” He responded definitively, “No, I think your love language is gifts.”

IMG_6746We got ready for mass. First things first, if you know what I mean.IMG_6754

IMG_6758After an exhausting mass, everyone went out for an egg hunt.




They found.


They collected.


They delighted.


They ate.


We used natural food dyes for the eggs so they were safe for consumption. The baby’s egg above features a bright yellow hue made possible by the generous contribution of tumeric. Below you see an egg dyed with chopped beets. Red eggs were traditionally used to symbolize the blood of Christ. With the bounty I made egg salad sandwiches for lunch.


For our table, I used a traditional white tablecloth with a casual indigo runner. I added porcelain bunny and egg figurines,


flowers from our garden in thrift store bud vases,


and Pottery Barn bunny cupcakes holders


(which never hold cupcakes in my home).


I chose to keep the table simple, with pieces spread out in order to easily accommodate a family style meal.

IMG_6805While my parents enjoyed Easter dinner with my sister outside Kansas City, we entertained my grandmother and parish priest. Two or three days prior to Easter we radically changed the Easter menu from this to a traditional lamb fare. I suppose the lobster tails will just have to wait for Mother’s Day or our anniversary.

For our Easter feast we served:

Lamb with Aromatic Greens

Review: would absolutely make this dish again. It was amazing.

Greek-style braised beans

Review: I really hated this and would never make it again.

Homemade Challah

From The Breadbaker’s Apprentice

Review: It was amazing, but my husband’s homemade breads always are.

Served with Clos du Bios, Cabernet Sauvignon

Frozen Lemon Mousse

Review: Delicious! We substitute grapefruit juice because we have an abundance. It was heavier than I imagined but still tasty and light compared to many other dessert.

I hope you all had an amazing and blessed Easter!

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