New projects: Upholstered Headboards

Our IKEA bookcase has seen one too many assembly procedures. At the yard sale, the thing plumb fell over from weakness. I’d decided to make use of the demolished product.

Searching for fabric for my new antique chair, I went first to Home Fabrics and Rugs and felt so very disappointed. The sleepier my son grew as we strolled around, the less hope held out. My preference is a unique blend of traditional with a modern twist and for this Louis XVI chair and our Rococo twist in our master bedroom, I would need something traditional enough for the chair, dramatic enough for our bedroom decor, and modern enough to appeal to my taste.

I returned home to commence an internet search. After naps, I loaded up the children, dropped my son off with grandpa and went to Joann’s with my mom. I found a stunning black fabric for the chair with a small leafy pattern, tone on tone.


IMG_6956It is, of course, much darker than the pastels common to the Louis XVI period decor, but it fits the drama of my Parisian salon. I don’t think the photos do it’s richness justice.

I was also struck by a pool colored fabric with a modern shimmery-silver leaf motif directly above that beautiful black chair fabric. I purchased one yard, divided in half to make two low-profile upholstered headboards for the two girls.

IMG_6949Beneath it on display was as a charcoal grey with ribbing and shimmery thread throughout (think dark starry night). I could use this for my son’s headboard. I plan to take the vertical boards of the book case, cover them in either 1/2 inch or 1-inch foam and some batting, then staple the fabric on.


Somehow, we’ll make the boards easily movable, for the growing children whose sleeping arrangements will change with time. I’m thinking about securing a loop of cord on the opposite ends to hook onto the posts of the bed.

IMG_6501The little touches go a long way, especially with beds that are impossible to make.


  1. erin says:

    that bed! Where did you get it??? wow!

  2. So proud to say, my husband made it! Check out my “Triple Bunk Bed” post.

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