DIY fabric wall art from pillow cases

I am incredibly picky when it comes to bedding. I search the internet long and hard before I find something I like. Usually what I like is absurdly expensive. This is not something I learned from my family, who appreciate things that look good but find expensive prices as ridiculous as they are. Being as visual as I am, I have a hard time letting go. When we married I set my heart on a comforter called Dahlia by Calvin Klein.

Switching to a king size bed when our second child was born meant new bedding. I found the Sakura collection from Crate and Barrel.

I do not buy all the bedding in the collection. Upon marrying, I paired the Calvin Klein bedding with light green, damask stripe sheets. The extra pillows were chocolate brown damask stripe sheets, Hotel Collection I believe. They were purchased, reasonably priced from Bed Bath and Beyond.

IMG_1582After one sheet tore, I did more research on what makes for a good sheet. Real Simple to the rescue with its resources on what look for when buying sheets.

I purchased white pima cotton sheets from Bed Bath and Beyond and we love them. Some prefer the non-wrinkly look, but knowing the materials are natural and now being able to feel the difference between cotton and polyester, I’m lovin’ it.

I’m drawn to bedding fabric that resembles a painting, particularly water color. Since my husband suffers from always being too warm at night, our duvet cover ends up, folded at the foot of the bed, just for looks, more often than not. I wanted more of it around the room. The collection was being discontinued. Time to act. I purchased a set of pillow covers on clearance from Crate and Barrel.

I made covers for two lamps shades (with one still waiting) so our lamps are coordinated around the room with the bedding.

IMG_6643And for a long time, since the fabric is so painterly, I have planned on doing a piece of wall art.

In the mood of re-purposing, I used more pieces from the fallen IKEA bookshelf, one shelf and a narrow piece from the bottom. I asked my husband to cut them to 24 inches long and duplicate the three inch wide piece. Using left over batting from the last project (leftover from dining bench cushions) I cut and covered the boards with it, then stapled the fabric over in one fell swoop.



IMG_7147We had purchased a hanging kit from Target, and used brackets in the narrow pieces, and a wire on the larger piece. My husband hung our Sakura triptych over a spot I neglected to paint when I painted the room.   IMG_7150

Don’t we all have something neglected and put off like this in our home? Keeps us human.

IMG_7152My husband does the hanging for these projects because he is much more patient and precise than I.

IMG_7153And violá!


IMG_7157Fabric wall art for only the cost of a pair of pillow cases.

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