Patriotic pillow without a plan

Some projects work out but aren’t diy tutorial worthy. I’ll share the steps with you though because its ever so important to remember how human we all are.

To make some vintage style patriotic pillows I gleaned the internet to see what the local stores have in stock…nothing, such is life in Stanislaus county. Nevertheless, I decided to go in person to Hobby Lobby. I found these tea towels first. As I debated in the fabric aisle my kids became very restless (I was out with all three because I do crazy things as s a desperate extrovert on Saturdays). I purchased the overpriced tea towels and left, exacerbated.

Two sets of tea towels with three different patterns in each set: stars, stripes, and solid red. I cut into the stripes and red. I immediately regretted it.



I’ll save you each step since my steps changed by the pillow. I sewed the stripe towels back together, which will indicate to you how I regretted it.

Using whole towels (repaired or never injured) I measured the desired square size, 18 inches, and folded over the rest. I used a section of the solid red towel to fill in the rest, making an envelope closure. I essentially did this with the repaired stripe towels, creating a 15-16 inch pillow.

I used an 18 inch ruler and pencil to mark where to sew, trying to be more meticulous than is in my nature for these projects.


Excepting the errors with the stripe towels, this was a very quick project as the tea towels were already sewn around the edges.

Here they are!


IMG_7164  IMG_7166 If you don’t enjoy sewing or don’t have a lot of time, I would highly recommend purchasing tea towels or table runners for projects like these. The width is a standard pillow size and doing an envelope closure means it requires minimal work.

I’ll be using these in July to change things up from my early summer decorations with green accents.




IMG_6981Now I just wish I had some patriotic art for my seasonal art spot. I might try hanging a platter or three from my Royal China Currier and Ives collection.

IMG_3733The blue and white looks great against the gray walls. Plus it has the vintage Americana look that would be just right for the 4th of July. I want to be festive without going over the top.

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