The Triple Bunk Bed cont…with plans pdf!

It is finished!

To see some of the process, click here.

Well, it was finished a while ago but I wanted to be able to share with you the plans my husband put together.

IMG_6501Alphabet sheets, from IKEA but discontinued, for the boy, along with an small jungle of stuff animals.

IMG_6510Printed petals duvet from West Elm for the girl.

IMG_6511Add two happy children:

IMG_6515Tell them to go to sleep.

IMG_6519See how hard she’s trying?

IMG_6520I moved the art from behind the posts to the head of my daughters’ bed.

IMG_6507No other decorating has been completed. Although I’d like to reupholster an ornate, antique loveseat I have in a blue or flax-colored linen. Currently we have the glider-rocking chair from the nursery here.

And if you were wondering from my previous post, our pallet bookshelves are standing up against out eager littlest reader.

IMG_6512Without further adieu, here are the plans for the Triple Bunk Bed, in picture form, for you to download for free! My husband created these based on the written, not too detailed plans, we downloaded.

My man loves IKEA instructions, so he converted not too detailed plans into pictures. Then he added text for additional help. Hope you enjoy!

bunk bed plans page 1 (materials) bunk bed plans page 2 bunk bed plans page 3 bunk bed plans page 4 bunk bed plans page 5 bunk bed plans page 6 bunk bed plans page 7 bunk bed plans page 8

Text Instructions for Triple Bunk Bed Plans

We’ve been so happy with these beds, I’m sure you will too!

Correction to the above plans: there is an error in the plans. Use 2.5-inch screws instead of 3.5-inch screws.


  1. eferndz says:

    this is awesome, especially the directions he made! You should put this on pinterest!

  2. Jeff Blessing says:

    I know this post is old, but the length of the screws is wrong. 3 1/2 inch screws are way too long for two 2×4 boards lined up. I think you assumed that 2×4’s are 2 inches thick, but they are not.

  3. Lisa says:

    Hello my name is Lisa and I’m gonna get this built for my girls it is perfect my question is how long in length is the whole bed ? I need to make sure it will fit along the wall in my girls room …

    • Hi Lisa! Our kids love this bed so much! The overall length of our bed is 130 inches. That said, the way they come together, you can adjust it according to your needs by pushing the second level bed farther in or out. I hope that helps!

      • lisa says:

        thank you for getting back to me… i have another question the post above says the 3 1/2 inch screws are wrong so on the material list were it says
        x184 wood or all purpose screws 3 1/2
        should all of those be replaced with the 2.5 inch screws?

      • Yes! I need to add that correction. 2.5 inch screws are correct.

  4. Lisa says:

    If you don’t mind me asking what was the bottom dollar on the cost for all materials on list other than the drill ?

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