Another work day and the aftermath

We did not complete as much in our last workday and the previous. The most important work day event was, perhaps, the decision for me to buy some proper upholstery tools. We purchased a tack puller and heavy duty staple remover. Although the staples are still my enemy,


their destruction is not near as taxing as before. The proper tools make all the difference. The tack puller as about $5 at Home Depot, the staple remover also about $5 from Joann’s after using a 50% off coupon. IMG_7342

That bowl of tacks represents my partial collection through one chair.

I got this little beauty done. I used a stool we already had around the house plus faux fur purchased from Rainbow Fabrics and 3 inch foam cut to fit.

IMG_7349I love how weird it looks.

The local Home Fabrics and Rug store is getting ridding of their in stock inventory and moving to just special order fabrics. They have long been a diy’ers dream for discount fabrics. Already discounted from mainstream prices, clearance fabrics are 50%. Looking at curtain fabric online, I fell for some fabric from sailrite for about $10-$16 a yard. For 12 yards…yikes! Curtains in the nursery would not be happening soon.

Because for a time the Home Fabrics store did not carry many modern prints, I hadn’t been in a while. Lured by the sale of additional 30% off your purchase, I made the trek. I bought this:

IMG_7378It was a beast to cut and match up the pattern. 13 yards. Four panels. I used painters tap to mark the floor. My sewing machine gave me a lot of trouble and quit during the next project. But all for the bottom hem, I got them done. We moved the bed to the wall and the room is really coming together, on the next level.



IMG_7375IMG_7371 IMG_7374

I would need some sort of wide angle lens to get the whole room in one shot, I think.

The other project was using a $3 remnant from the same store (1.75 yards) to make shams.

IMG_7381It’s an improvement. I still need to buy new pillows so they fill the shams.

Little by little!

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