Another flurry of activity

I told you before about the beastly staples.

IMG_7344I did a little bit each day and finally managed to strip the two chairs chairs.

IMG_6146Once stripped, stapling moves by quickly, within the span of an episode of the Lone Ranger.

Since I knew stapling would go so quickly, I decided to take a stab at this footstool. I recently purchased light blue fabric from Home Fabrics and Rugs for, probably, around $3 a yard, with the intention of overhauling this little collection I upholstered prior to marriage.

IMG_4248Because I used a manual stapler to upholster these (the toil!), I found they were exceptionally easy to rip out.

IMG_4882I probably stripped the footstool and chair in less than ten minutes. The back cushion on the chair disintegrated before me, leaving a pile of yellow dust, so I’ll get new foam today.

After stripping, I took my last dining chair, the footstool and other chair to the garage for stapling. It took a little over an hour. The kids watched the Lone Ranger and Bewitched during that time.

Since removal is the longer part of the process, I’ll go after our “ornate couch” soon. She originally looked like this when a family friend gave her to me (photographed without the seat cushion).

DIGITAL CAMERAI reupholstered her in this.

DIGITAL CAMERAThe fabric is a thin corduroy which is really an excellent fabric for showing dust. The cushion is stuff with the original and loses shape all too easily. With my new sewing machine, a generous gift from my parents to me for my birthday, I’ll use 3 inch foam to make a new seat and turn the original filling into a pouf, which I find oddly expensive in the stores, but like the idea.

So those are the current happenings. The motivation to get these pieces done stem from disliking unfinished projects and that the next two or three months I hope to begin renting my own office space to provide life coach services here in town. I’d like some furniture for that office, and, shopping the home, I have just what I need.

Remaining on the list: hemming the curtains, a new cover for the body pillow, a small painting project for the bathroom, and beginning work on my daughter’s “fairy dress” for her birthday and Halloween costume.

Time to get to know that sewing machine!

I’ll post photos of the finished projects soon.

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