The Good life – Part 2

Until I began this venture, I knew very little about running a small business. I’m no master at it now, but I’ve learned a lot. I wanted my business to be in Hughson so I could go in for a client session and then come home. I found out in the process that Hughson has a lot of support in place to help small business development. So I have not felt alone or lost in the process.

The office is picked out. The drawback of being in a small town is fewer options. But this one is a goldmine, I believe. It’s small, but the price is right, and I get to make it over, which would not be possible were I renting from someone else or part of a larger office building.

The plans must be economical. For years now I’ve lamented not knowing what I know now when I first set up a home for my husband and myself. When I think of the wedding money we wasted shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond with Ikea was so close! I know better now and I really get to put it to use.

If you’re going to meet with clients in a therapeutic setting (although this won’t be therapy, the environment must be similar to build rapport and trust), you’re going to need furniture. Folding chairs just won’t cut it.

I have extra furniture.



IMG_4248Home Fabrics and Rugs had a sale.



IMG_7392I didn’t get my corners just right and the chair looks so different to me with a solid fabric, but it’s still comfortable, which matters.

IMG_7396There is something to beautiful, nostalgic and romantic about old furniture. Apparently I have always felt this way. When I first upholstered the loveseat, I used the original nails, as a way of preserving the past.

That made it so easy to rip off the old fabric and add on something new, with staples this time.

The tufting on the loveseat did not go as desired, unfortunately, but I’m willing to live with it for now, or work with it, as the case may be. When I re-do it, I’ll put in new materials.

Other than the tufting, I’m very pleased with how it turned out.

IMG_7508I threw a pillow together for added comfort.

IMG_7510I also purchased a mirror for $30 for over the office bathroom sink. It’s shabby chic, so I plan to paint it to make it vintage chic. I don’t need shabby chic drawing out the shabby of the space. We need to elevate here!

I’m actually considering gold leafing this antique, rounded corners mirror and painting the bathroom walls a sort of Marsala (the Pantone color of the year) or Merlot. I’ll paint the office walls (now baby blue) in Collonade Gray since I still have left over from the house.

And after a quick stop at the consignment store, I’m in love with another piece of furniture.

IMG_7501A desk chair from the 30’s or 40’s will go with me to the new office. At a $40 steal, this is a beautifully solid and heavy piece, comfortable and in great shape. It’s missing one wheel but that is easy to fix.

Years ago I saw a chair like this at the thrift store and did not look closer. I’ve regretted that. That makes this doubly exciting to me.

More to come!

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