Pumpkin Stand Opens Today

Today, October 1, The Casey Family Pumpkin Stand opened!

I made the sign using an old cutting board from before my mother’s kitchen remodel, left over paint sample from a year or so ago, and acrylic paint bought for the occasion. I followed Miss Mustard Seed’s wonderful tutorial and how to paint a sign.

IMG_7695We grow the pumpkins at my parents house and took the kids this morning for the big harvest.

IMG_7677Overalls and all…

IMG_7684Way too cute, methinks…

IMG_7687Set up went smoothly, except that we lost the key to the cash box. We’ll work on that.


IMG_7692The bounty will grow as October moved forward, but hopefully it will shrink as pumpkins sell.

I also took some time to set up our front porch.

IMG_7699Keeping it simple with some pumpkins that sustained some damaged in the growing process.

IMG_7698 I observed the prices at Trader Joe’s and sought to price ours lower. We welcome negotiation if you find them cheaper!

The small pumpkins are 50 cents each,

IMG_7696the medium in the other crate are $2,

IMG_7693large outside the crate are $3

IMG_7694 and the super-sized pumpkins are $6 (not pictured).

We hope you’ll come by to visit! All proceeds go toward making three little rascals very happy at Christmastime.


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