The Good Life…at Home

For the past year I’ve been operating a Life Coaching business grounded in Aristotle and Aquinas’ concept of virtue and The Good Life. I am pleased to announce that I have expanded my practice to include help within the home. For those who are feeling stuck, looking for inspiration or someone to talk with them through changes in their home, I’m here to help! For $50 per room ($25 for smaller spaces) I will create a digital inspiration and idea board for you or someone to whom you have referred me. This service is also available for party and holiday planning.

How it works:

During your free in-home consultation, I will photograph the rooms you would like to improve, discuss how you use the room, your budget and preference to do-it-yourself or to buy ready-made. If distance is an issue, we can correspond online after you send me pictures of the project rooms. I will ask you to pick an inspiration piece for the room (a painting, photograph, piece of furniture, accent piece favorite place, or a desired mood). With this inspiration, I’ll create a digital mood board with all the ideas in one place. You will not pay a thing until your board is ready.

This service is also available for party and holiday planning.

Please check out my website,, to see photos of my work and schedule your free consultation today!

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