Social Media: to use or not to use

This is worth thinking about. I was most struck by the research outcomes that found living with distracted attention through social media can have long-term effects on concentration. I see when I take too much time off from reading books and spend it instead on the computer.

Watch the video and see what you think.


What if, instead of posting on facebook the articles I find interesting through my personal page and pages I manage, I instead post on the blog a week-long recap of those articles. I know the news outlets I like. I can easily subscribe to their email or open their website. Thus the attention becomes focused and intentional.

When I am overwhelmed by the children, instead of zoning out online I could try some activity such as silence, being, stillness or perhaps something more active like coloring, painting, sketching. I could practice a mental break instead of a mental/physical break which is not all that rewarding and ultimately deleterious to my relationship with my children and my cognitive capability.

What would I miss out on? The latest Catholic uproar, the latest parenting uproar the latest conservative uproar, and so on. Would I miss out on the community? I have connected with wonderful communities through social media: local Catholic mothers, college Catholic friends. To be honest, I email with them just as often as I use social media.

I will continue to ponder this. I am curious to see how I did with fewer check-ins after subscribing to the online magazines I find interesting. Once a week perhaps.

What do you gain from social media?

What would you lose without it?


Are there any changes you want to make?

I would love to hear your answers to those questions.



  1. Mary Bernadette Cardona says:

    I have wondered something similar, since social media gives me more to do: sales not to miss, coupons to use (to save money on things we actually do need), activities with the children….these are all good, but it makes me rush around even more. I need a break, but “I will miss out!”

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