Weekend Links 9.9.17

Thirteen thoughts in these turbulent times.

The Home

I love my windows but wish I have more wall space just for the art. Here’s one idea for art on a budget. It looks good in its own right, some things are just overpriced.

We plan on buying this sofa one day. I watched the sale come and go over Labor Day. I would hate to see it destroyed so I will wait patiently.

Let’s make every day beautiful with gourmet cheese! Here’s how to do it solo.

The Church

This return makes so much sense to making Epiphany and the Ascension Holy Days of Obligation. Christ ascended after 40 days, which would fall on a Thursday. Epiphany follows the 12 days of Christmas. When they these days are transferred, it confuses at home celebrations that wish to imbue their family life with Catholic-Christian culture.

Look to this Stephen Greydanus review for a faith-based movie that does not suck.

I’m learning to approach ministry slowly. First things first.

The World

Is beauty ever old news? I found this photograph collection of autumn picnics randomly while wasting time, but I could revel in these photographs for a while dreaming of temperatures we will not see for a month, and foliage we will not see for hundreds of miles. I would rather look at these in print rather than on the computer because it is so much easier to experience awe and delight in the real world rather than the virtual.

During last weekend’s 110 weather I could not stop thinking about The Twilight Zone episode, “The Midnight Sun.” I would not mind it so much if it were not for the stress of keeping my youngest hydrated (a challenge). For Saturday, we stayed inside, put up tents in the living room, ate hot dogs and popcorn, and watched Disney’s, Robin Hood. The haze here makes it all the eerier.


To swipe is not a skill. Let’s limit access, usage, and exposure to smart phones in children.

We are like a walking dead, absorbed in this virtual world. It is frightening the jadedness being posted and shared on social media, and that teenagers could start a massive wildfire and not show concern over the consequences.

The Heart

In contrast to the terrible news about the wildfire, here is a beautiful story of what can happen when children are shown and taught empathy.

How do we practice empathy? Start by listening well from St. Benedict: “Listen and incline the ear of your heart.”

I am glad for awareness about this medical condition. Women who suffer from Hyperemesis Gravidarum, the condition Kate Middleton has had during pregnancy, may need IV nutrition. That is a big deal and it is heart-wrenching to me the way to many myths surround patients’ self-reported symptoms when it has to do with fertility or pregnancy. There are many, many good doctors out there, but all too often, for pregnant women with the obstacle course of insurance policies, they are hard to find.



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