Review: Window Painting from By Mommy Skills

I grew up, laying on my bed, gazing out the window and the wild blue sky daydreaming about everything and nothing in particular.


In our first apartment, on the third floor, I kept the window blinds open while we enjoyed the green of the trees outside.


We moved to the first floor before our firstborn joined the party. The view was changed, but old brick buildings are not too bad.


From that to this, city to country life on a hill.


The photo does not show all the dead Foster Farms chickens at the bottom of the hill.

Now we live in suburbia. Backyard and front yard views are not bad. Our front yard tree looms large. I see little else than green looking out the window.


I imagine how my children will grow up in this house. When I look outside their window, I see a privacy fence a few feet away. Seems disappointing. I have considered planting something vining and flowering, but I do not know neighbor fence etiquette on this matter.


For a change and as a treat, I hired Melinda from By Mommy Skills to paint their window with seasonal flair. This is a test to see if the kids can refrain from scratching it off, or adding to it.

Over email, we created a design. I sent her photos from Pinterest with the style and description of what I wanted. She Melinda arrived, we discussed it on site.


The kids and I are very pleased.

When the idea came to me initially, I thought the cost would be prohibitive, but it was less than eating out.

I love the way it looks like the fence belongs in the picture.


I am already planning on a snowy scene for winter.

How do you decorate for fall?

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