Weekend Links: 9.16.17

Have a handful of haute happenings.


Need an Instagram or Pinterest shake-up. Here’s one story of what can happen when you give into the daydream.

Holiday Creep

Experiences as gifts are more valuable than things because of the time spent and the love shown. That is what builds relationships. My kids and I love toys more than this author, but I agree with the ideas in this piece about not needing more toys.

Still want to buy a gift for someone? Consider this desk decor from Aleteia, in which one sister recommends keeping a skull on your desk. We will live better if we keep life’s trajectory in mind. That’s one way to extend the Halloween shopping season into Christmas.


Health and Relationships

For nearly two years I felt unavailable to three of my children. I feel the weight of this letter from a mother to her daughter, and when we hit rough patches, I still experience the fear that we will be in that dark place again.

“We cannot scream about the evils of abortion while simultaneously forcing women two choose between having a child or having a job.” Amen! Read more at Aleteia.

An interesting article from George Weigel considering Paul Ryan and social doctrine. In our area, we see incredible work done by non-profits, getting into community and building relationships. That is something that can only be done on the local level. Relationships create support when there is no family support, provides mentors when one or both parents are absent, and gives hope by communicating to the person his worth. None of that happens through the anonymous federal dollar handout.

This is an amazing suicide prevention video. These are the conversations I had with young people in my work. If you encounter someone who is thinking about suicide, the message, “stay,” asking that person not to do it, is a powerful request. A simple conversation can help that person find meaning in his or her life. Then connect the person with a mental health professional. If the person is in immediate danger, call 911.

Here’s a beautiful hospital story about Jeannie Gaffagin. I’d like to point out that when an appointment could not be made right away, she looked for other options. Because healthcare is so vast, unless you are already plugged into a major, all encompassing institution, you may need to do some footwork. We had two ER visits and a pediatrician visit with Peter when he was two months old and under birth weight. They all sent us home. Thankfully, the folks at UCSF saved his life. Today he is pushing a little toy car around the living room with his tennis shoes on and wild hair.



Highly Sensitive People

Sensitivity means being more alive to your surroundings. Good things are felt more deeply. Bad things are felt more severely. Our culture aims for even-keeled affect, in the realm of happy, but not flamboyant. Yet the highly sensitive person exists and here is why it is not so bad to “take things so seriously.”

There are so many personality theories out there. But like most systems, the simplest system that answers all the questions is usually the right one. Leave out the initials INFP and numbers which have long books of meaning, Enneagram 2, and take a look at the four temperaments. Here, Mary Claire LaGroue over at Verily applies this theory is applied to the concept of the highly sensitive person and how to support that person.

High stakes

This is empowering! Want to know about amazing women? Read about what Catholic women did when women were property and in many places not allowed to read.


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