Fall Decor

I grew eager for the beginning of fall. I decorated early last year as a way to protect myself against the fear of being gone from home. This year has been leisurely, still eager for the end of hot weather, but calm in decorating.

Routine decorating both gives me something to look forward to and makes execution easy. I hung our Beatus Autumn banner, which means “blessed autumn.” More seasonal than “Happy Halloween” and less cheesy than “welcome fall” since it is not routine for me to talk to the seasons. But you know, Lorelei Gilmore talks to snow, so who am I to judge?


I love the pop of orange against the neutral space. This rectangular tablecloth came from TJ Maxx years ago and still works well on a round table which finished with blue placemats from Crate and Barrell. The candlesticks are a combination Good Will and Ikea, with a marble compote that came into my life as a Christmas gift. And garlic, you know, for the vampires.


To the left of the table is my Hoosier style cabinet I use for my china. With a couple pumpkins and another pop of orange from 1960’s art class, it feels like fall to me.


We have a smaller table near the entry with a drop-spot tray and small succulent. A few details make it festive.


Turn from there and you see the living area. My husband cut the crows for the window. The leaves outside have not yet learned it is fall, perhaps because it is 90 degrees today.


Detail of the mantle. I used lanterns that work for every season, fresh pumpkins and gourds, a few springs and antique broom. I favor decorations that pack easily. I want all my specifically-fall decor in one box and no more.


Our home comes with a silly nook for a television for those who are so inclined. Right now it houses some art, a small table, and floor pillows. We have plans to build a bench the kids can sleep on. I made blankets last year with flannel and no-pill fleece backing as Christmas gifts and kept a few for myself.


I was pleased with the look of the couch one color was added, orange from West Elm and blue from last year’s batch of blankets. The pumpkin on the table is so heavy the kids do not try to move it.


I like my seasonal art spot. It is another way of marking the changing time. Below is an art print from Pat Palmerino whom we met at the Alexandria Farmer’s Market in Virginia. I framed it myself with a frame I took from my mother and blue matboard from Michael’s (custom cut with my Logan mat cutter).


I tucked our “Pumpkins for Sale” sign in the window behind the couch, hopefully, to be used streetside next year.


A little touch outside the door to welcome guests.


I seek a moment of beauty wherever I look in my home. There might be dust or toys underfoot or crumbs beneath the table, but beauty speaks louder than the mess. If it weren’t for crumbs and toys and a little dust, it would not be lived in, it would not be home. It would be incomplete.

I would like to add more pumpkins to the outdoors, but there is no telling what the children will do with them.

Blessed Autumn.

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  1. Mary Bernadette Cardona says:

    I love this…Thank you for the inspiration!

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