Weekend Links 10.6.17

Let’s divide this by heavy and light

Heavy first

The question here is “Why Aren’t Trauma Survivors Warned That Parenthood May Be a PTSD Trigger?” I’d like to see marriage prep programs at parishes become intensely educated and bring up these sorts of issues, the sort of issues that can lead to divorce. I would also like to see men encouraged by other men to practice the little way of St. Therese around the house.

“How will his days be filled if he takes something on?” Such good advice for freelancers.

What a variety of moments in our days. I will not ignore the tragedy. Fr Dwight Longenecker offers this perspective: “A man needs a vocation. He needs a cause to live for, and the tsunami of despair in our society finally erupts in a volcano of rage and violence. Stephen Paddock’s rampage is an illustration of that darkness within, and we should look around and take stock. ”

We ask why? Here is a good summary of the theoretical motivations.

In between – Art and Media

Given the lack of visibility of religious orders in America, the portrayal of nuns in Hollywood is especially disconcerting.

As superficial as it may seem, watching the trajectory of Taylor Swift’s career is telling, as Jennifer Fitz describes.

Art is complicated. But it should not be this complicated. Weigel examines the mess of the proposed design for the Ike Memorial.

Now light


This basically sums up my approach to fall decorating.

As a teenager, this dress was my dream.

Red dress.jpg

I feel the market catering to me and my generation. For $25 at Target, my dreams could come true…

Target Red Dress.jpeg

except it is not half as nice as I imagine Angela’s dress being, and the sleeves were too short. I do admit I am waiting for a bell-sleeve shirt to come in the mail from Loft. I couldn’t help myself.

I enjoy seeing the “color of the year” chosen by companies. It is fun to see the marketing hub-bub over it and watch the trends come and go. Sherwin Williams announced theirs.

Paint Color.jpeg

We were so ahead of the times nearly five years and two homes ago.


Though I am extremely pleased with our Colonnade Gray walls (Sherwin Williams) I am glad to see trends going more adventurous than they have been of late.

Looking forward to getting my copy. From the author: “I think this book will (show) those that wrestle with being too artsy for their Catholic friends and too Catholic for their artsy friends that they have a place in the Church, and that their passions and desires are needed. I hope that it will help people to not turn inwardly in their creating but instead turn toward the ultimate creator.”

Whatever happened to my effort to give up social media but once a day? It morphed under the guise of “weekend links.” I find myself online more than before, just scrolling less, with more intentional reading. I think it is still too much. Funny how we give ourselves obligations that do not really exist. I will determine in the upcoming weeks how to approach this.


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