Casey Music Service: Windchimes for Sale!

We did it. I had to give up my husband for two weeks but Casey Music Service had their first craft booth in the Modshop Pop-up at the Riverbank Wine and Cheese Festival.


We went with nine sets of windchimes. Four came home. After the event, we sold two more.


The sound was exquisite. Our neighbors said they were not annoyed by the chiming (which shows our windchimes are remarkably different than typical chimes). We were next to a master salesman who gave us some tips.

We found our groove throughout the day.


Miriam was amazing! She drew attention and interest to the booth and interviewed other vendors in case I could write about them in the newspaper.

Each set of windchimes was handmade, perfectly tuned, unique in its sound and design. Next year, we hope to sell at the Four Friends Market. Until then, you can custom order here or give us a call.


Rating this event: a success!

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