Another Birthday Party in the Books

Two months ago, Miriam and I discussed what theme she desired for her birthday party. She chose “mermaids.” I am glad to say her conception goes beyond Disney’s The Little Mermaid and Starbucks alchemy.

Wanting to avoid a glitter tsunami, I interpreted “mermaid” loosely to an underwater/ocean theme.

That included a shipwreck centerpiece.


The party was indoors and out with child-centered activities outside and controlled activities inside. We created a lagoon in the front yard. Magnetic fish and fishing poles arrived after the photoshoot. Miriam arranged the sea life. There was also a sandbox.



Inside we planned for jewelry making. Shopping at Joann’s Labor Day weekend sale allowed for a great assortment of beads.


My mother made the cake and Miriam put in the final touches of mermaids and candles. We gave frosted turtle and seashell cookies as favors (along with the jewelry the kids made).


My baby was born seven years ago at 4 a.m. She amazes me.


I better start building that tower to hide this knock-out from the world.

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