Weekend Links 10.21.17

A smattering of topics for Saturday.


Church Stuff

Good commentary by George Weigel on movements in the Catholic church and why they matter.

Beautiful description of what Millenials want. The problem as I see it, in local parishes here, is not that they are misreading Millenials, it is that they do not even care. They are concerned with maintaining institutions, as Weigel astutely points out. They want to keep the Church just how it has always been for them. Maybe they are afraid or lazy or maybe they really love it, I don’t know, but they aren’t handing over the reigns anytime soon…or so it feels.

Pro-life issues

It is just a little hard to believe this but it does not appear to be satire. Apparently, the government has come in line with science, life begins at conception.

I think this is a fun read on pro-abortion/anti-abortion debating. The author takes apart an argument that went big on Twitter.

For our children

My blood freezes when I hear the work stomach flu or fever. Read this piece from Scary Mommy and keep your sick kids home. When my Peter was two months old the stomach flu ran through our family and led to his first hospitalization. Any fever leads to hospitalization. You just do not know who around you might have a hidden disability or a weakened immune system. I am grateful to those friends of ours who are ever fastidious in communicating to me their kids’ health when we visit. It sets my mind at ease to know we are all working together to help our kids thrive.

I missed National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day in the flurry of windchime production. Here is a beautiful piece by Susanna Spencer. These days I struggle with the silence. How do I answer how many children I have? I never counted to strangers those I lost before physically feeling their presence before Celeste. Do I count them all now? Do I say seven which would incur greater looks and conversation than the four I have living? Do I say five and leave out the two who left me at seven and nine weeks? I do not know.

On Womanhood

Sexual harassment or assault is too common. I am so glad women are standing up with the #metoo movement. Here is another story of why any unwelcome touch matters.

I really like this perspective from Lilly Bozzone at Verily. It does not help us to always focus on flattering our figure because when it is not flattering, it steals our joy. I experience that. Hopefully, I can move closer to better balance.


I’m so glad for her straight-talking steps to surviving this presidency.



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