Weekend Links 11.11.17

Let’s start by dipping into heavy today:

So grateful for this deeper look at grief by Verily.

Here is a novena to St. Louis Martin Novena: For depression, anxiety and mental disorders. Beautiful.

Fr. Dwight LONGENECKER considers what invisible forces (be it mental illness, meaninglessness or demonic influence) may have motivated the killers in two recent massacres. We ask that question in the face of senseless violence. I do keep turning in my mind Viktor Frankl’s psychological approach, that finding meaning in what we do is the answer to everything. Fr. Longenecker writes, “If this is the case, then the natural causes are exacerbated by a worldview and philosophy that is nihilistic. If these men had no religion and no belief in an afterlife, then there was no hell to pay and no heaven to win. If that is the case, and after death there is nothing, then human life is expendable.”

This is on my mind as we travel next week, “How to protect yourself during a mass shooting.” Barricade or run, do not hide and stay there. “Talking about these attacks can be difficult and heart-wrenching. But we can’t avoid preparing ourselves just because the topic is disturbing.” One of the survivors of the Las Vegas attack knew his exit route ahead of time, not because he anticipated a shooter, but because he is trained to consider what to do in an emergency, look for a route out, in case of any type of emergency, such as a fire or medical. We can be prepared without being paranoid.

And then go light:

Thank you to all Veterans for your service! I was privileged to cover the dedication of the Veterans Memorial Wall in Hughson yesterday for the Hughson Chronicle.

I think this list is really good. These are the basics for the kitchen, yet we’re drawn into to buy sets of things, which has stuff we do not need, and then we must replace the one or two items from the set we used regularly. Thinking about my kitchen, I think we are getting close to replacement time for some items. Not listed on the website, we have been very happy with Ikea items for the kitchen.

In preparation for the Beatification mass, Fr. David Preuss, OFM Cap. sent this out to the email list:

Dear Fr. Solanus Devotee,

We realize that not everyone was able to secure tickets to the November 18Beatification. We hope you can join us in spirit by watching (or streaming) the Beatification Mass. Broadcast details follow. Please note that the Mass Program will be posted online on this page: http://solanuscasey.org/beatification-live

The program will be posted online shortly before the Mass begins. (Please do not request a copy of the program. It will be available online.)

The Beatification Mass will be televised and live streamed. If in Detroit, CTND will be broadcasting as will WDIV on its digital sub-channel MeTV (Channel 4.3 over-the-air) and on ClickOnDetroit. It will also be carried on Ave Maria Radio.

For those outside of Detroit, EWTN will be broadcasting or you can view the live stream from the Fr. Solanus Guild website here: http://solanuscasey.org/beatification-live

It will also be livestreamed via Father Solanus Casey Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FatherSolanusCasey

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