Five-year-old Medieval Madness

My son was born five years ago on Black Friday. That meant his birthday this year fell on Thanksgiving. After hosting Thanksgiving the day before, putting the party together was an adventure in itself.

In order to justify violence towards dragons, we framed the festivities in a medieval theme. It was a destination party, at an arboretum two miles from our home.


Castle blocks for toddlers and plastic maces from The Dollar Store pleased visitors. See the toddler in his native habitat.


We served spiced apple cider and water out of antique jugs.


“Pillage Snap Peas” (sugar snap peas), “Dragon Bait” (biscuits shaped like donut holes),  “Baby Dragon legs” (chicken drumsticks) and apples were served. No utensils were harmed in the eating of this outdoor meal.


Dessert brought a honey-orange cake with small bundt form drizzled with dark chocolate and “Dragon sauce,” homemade ice cream made with dragon fruit.

We saved one dragon from the kitchen. I dare say it took quite a beating before we asked the teenage squire old put it out of its misery.


Like many things in the past 12 months, this day consisted of a lot of mental planning, last minute running around, and surprise and delight it actually came together. A great day was had by all.

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