Christmas Tour Beds and Baths

Every year I add a little something extra to our decor. Using a 100-ft garland my parents bought on clearance years ago, I made one decorating dream come true.


This is inspired by the McHenry Mansion’s Victorian Christmas decor.


With some happy, simple kid flourishes.


They have another Nativity set in their room. My five-year-old informed me the top two shelves are Heaven.


Some festive accessories in the hall bathroom, out of reach from soapy hands.


In our room, I added some punches of red with more garland.


A card painted by a friend from last year which I framed and my nostalgic figurines.


It might be a bit too much garland this year.


Hmm…I do like the red with the black and white though.


I would like to put a tree in our room. I have beautiful old ornaments that are primarily red that sit unused without another tree. Last year a friend brought me a sapling from her cabin and it was wonderful to see those little guys on display.

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