Photos from the Week

As a new experiment, I will share with you my photos from the week. Some are photos from home and others are from my work with the newspaper. Because the paper is not online, I have been considering the best way to share. I photograph with an old DSLR camera that does not have wifi, so Instagram is not an option. If you have a recommendation or feedback on this new format, please feel free to make recommendations in the comments section!

For now, let’s try a weekend sharing…

After our first decent rainfall of the season, Starn Lake made its first appearance before quickly disappearing.

We photographed the kids’ in order to make labels for the cubbies. The labels are made, but not installed, so clean up continues to be a bear. Peter would not stop posing for the camera. Fitting, his second birthday was the day before.

The last shades of Christmas are fading from the Casey house. The remnants of our wreath were a bit too intricately wired for me to be able to remove by hand.

Pink buds began to sprout reminding me it has been nearly one year since my Celeste died. These bulbs were the ornaments of her funeral reception.

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