Photos of the Week (with a mini-home tour)

I spent the week in San Francisco with Peter just sight-seeing (wishful thinking).

Actually, we spent four days in the hospital, his first admission in 5 1/2 months. It was a virus which caused repeated fevers, but for this little guy with a Broviac, it means we must go in to make sure it is nothing more serious.

The reunion was glorious. We set the guy up with a backpack in the morning so he can run around with his TPN pump and TPN bag in his backpack. The kids joined in.


Coming home, I wrap my mind up in the beauty of my home. A friend asked how long it took me to finish decorating. As life changes, each room must change, but the rooms below bring me a great deal of joy and feel as complete as any room can.

Our living/dining room. This is great room living to the max. We have two roundtables (one for dining and one for working), a baby grand piano and a (new edition) pump organ from the 1800’s, plus seating for many!


The great outdoors. Today feels like spring.


My Haven


The room I rarely photograph but actually really love, our kitchen.


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