Photos from the Week iii

Not a photograph but still a snapshot from life. Recently published at Mind and Spirit, a more vulnerable piece by me about my struggle with scruples.

Small town Life

Small town life means affordable performances in small settings – Pippi Longstocking come to CSU Stanislaus.

It means police come to community project meetings.

It means community members can come together with the support of the city to “share the love” and, gasp, reference Christian charity.

It means a 4-H Project about dog training makes the front page news.

It means Crab Feeds are wildly successful fundraisers.

So much for small-town life.

The other half of my life consists of going to and from UC San Francisco (at least that is how January was). Little Regina needed anesthesia so the doctor could remove a tree “berry” from her ear.

The Golden State Warriors will descend like wasps on an already congested route across the street from the hospital. I’ve yet to meet anyone who is pleased.

Driving home from the hospital after Peter’s most recent hospitalization did afford some beautiful views.

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