The Family is the First School of Love

A lot of work happens at home.




When children watch their parents work at projects, it inspires them.




They see there are ways they can accomplish what they want and, when given the materials, they create a plan.




To make it happen.


It does not all appear to be work. The most valuable work within the home

is the work of relationships.

The family is the school of love.

It is the first society, the building blocks of society.

At its worst, it creates incalculable wounds. At its best, it teaches tremendous lessons.


New adventures can be safe




Others need us to help them go where we have gone, even if we ourselves were not perfectly brave. Walking (or riding) with the other matters.

there is a way forward through life




and a way back again


and when you return home, whether celebrating success or healing after failure

there is love

all this is done with imperfect people working imperfectly, doing the very best they can.


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