Fours Ways to Wonder and Awe

I went to the Coast. I came back to the kitchen.


We are surrounded with vestiges (fingerprints) of God that point us to Him. They connect us to something higher, something bigger than ourselves, something that tells us the world makes sense and despite the chaos, tragedy and crime, it is good that we are here.




In Creation


Each plant perfect in itself, a feast for our eyes.




They creep into our traditions, marking the changes in the seasons and our lives.




In Worship


There is splendor in the manner in which a human being lifts its soul up to its God. We pour all of ourselves whether through craft, art, song or service.

Men and women made that…and they made it as a gift.




In History


We have the capacity to create beautiful spaces and those beautiful spaces can envelop us in their texture, color and warmth. Mission San Juan Bautista was built in 1798. Imagine the footsteps that walked these steps. When I walk here, I connect to something that existed before me and will exist after me. I am merely an observer, a participant for a brief moment.




In Skill


The waves are unpredictable. You must wait for them, learn to tell the right one, the right time, the right angle.




Yet men and women can do this. They can ride the waves in a way so utterly human and yet so beyond.




I will catalog these thoughts from my evening away from home. I tuck them inside my memories to remind me as the temperatures rise, the valley gets dusty and the cleaning seems endless.




I do need to travel far away to see all this. There are vestiges wherever I go reminding me to live always in wonder and awe.

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