What is a Poet?

“The lunatic, the lover, and the poet, are of imagination all compact.”

― William ShakespeareA Midsummer Night’s Dream


I am inviting you to a thought experiment.

The poet sees beyond the surface.

You may see below a collection of plants or a bunch of hydrogen and oxygen molecules creatively organized. I am asking you to look at the photos below, pick one or more and in the comments, describe the scene.

What is there beyond the surface of the photograph? What lurks in the shadows, the deep, beyond? It does not need to be long, one sentence, ten sentences, whatever you’re inclined to write. What can you imagine in these scenes, as if they were in a storybook or a scene in a movie?

Let’s give it ago. If enough respond (either below or on Facebook) I will repost these photos with your stories, adding my own thoughts, as well.

Let’s hear it!





IMG_5977 2


















  1. Susan Swims says:

    1- Noticing the colors, lavender blossoms against quiet green, on a bended lane. Is there a greater privilege?
    2- Cormorants and surfers, the few, enjoying a lake view.
    3- Fishy, seaweed, a blissful feast for sealife.
    4- Inviting, yet adventurous. Weathered, quaint stone steps, beckoning a strong swimmer. Cement steps, are one of my favorite things.
    5- Wise old bark. Makes me feel like I might learn something if I stand in its midst, long enough.

  2. Karl Reed says:

    1 – An old secret path in the Shire.
    2 – “When will those silly humans just learn how to swim?”
    3 – Taking breaks are necessary when tackling huge tasks.
    4 – Some rocks are more organized than others.
    5 – The meeting place of the fairies.

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