Daily Prompts to Kick Start Your Writing Year

What is the first thing you let go of when time seems short? I have not yet found the time and space to write and think without a deadline.

In an email, I explained, “I start to feel disconnected from my heart and my thoughts grow disorganized when I do not write. I can hear my thoughts more clearly when I write. There is a breed of folks in the world that are like this from childhood or adolescence. As an adult, it’s become very moving to meet others who from an early age were like this (journaling all the time in junior high, writing stories, poetry, etc). My friend has a daughter who reminds me of myself so I strive to mentor her a bit in it. I wish I had known a writer when I was a kid! For me, and others in this type, it’s harder to live without writing than to write.

It’s the editing that’s work! “When I work, I also feel less like I’m just going through the motions of life, performing tasks that will become undone minutes later (the dish reused, the floor dirty). Being a mother at home matters. My children are priceless and raising them is the most important thing I could do (and they are my retirement plan!). Nevertheless, the day-to-day it’s very hard and work has more immediate rewards (not just the money).”

Two hours into our drive home from doctors appointments in San Francisco, my son refuses me the pleasure of listening to any more podcasts or music. We sit in silence…or in cries restlessness and boredom, in his case…well, in my case, too. I thought back to this email.

If I love writing so much… if it does so much for me…why don’t I do it more often?

This morning, a new email awaited me:




Post a photo and a caption on Instagram. I have not gotten into the habit of using Instagram so I will try this out on Facebook. Want to join me?


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