I am Kathryn Anne Casey. Welcome.

I am a graduate of Divine Mercy University, certified life coach, freelance writer, housewife and mother of four children. My weekly newspaper column “Here’s to the Good Life!”; online publications at Mind&Spirit, 209 Magazine, Parent.co, and Verily Mag; and blog focus on art, psychology, consumerism and the importance of local community.

This artistic endeavor is my effort to put into words the little moments of each day that strike me in their beauty, complexity, and love. I consider myself a feminist, an academic and an artist, all in different degrees.

In the first stage of my life, living in small town Hughson, California, I fell in love with the Lord and devoted myself to learning the Catholic faith in which I was raised. I developed a romantic spirituality, inspired by those Carmelite Doctors of the Church: St. Therese of Lisieux, St. John of the Cross, St. Teresa of Avila, along with St. Francis de Sales and St. John Paul II.

In the second stage of my life (living in St. Paul, Minnesota and Alexandria, Virginia) my academic pursuits filled me with delight. My feminist philosophy came from the John Paul II-new feminism. Women need to be recognized in society for who they are. They are often abused, ignored or dismissed.  How a woman makes her place in society is a complex question. In my study of clinical psychology, it became ever more apparent to me, that the human person is dynamic, shaped in ever-changing ways. Searching for answers to the complex question of what makes us who we are and what motivates us to act is a fascinating adventure.

After graduating from the University of St. Thomas with a degree in Psychology, and working a year as a prevention specialist for the Center for Human Services, I married. In these eight years of marriage, we encountered the mountain tops and valleys. At the mountaintop, the completion of my graduate degree in Clinical Psychology and the delivery of four wiggling infants. In the valley, two first trimester miscarriages, one child born with a cleft lip/palate and complex genetic mutation, and one child, diagnosed in utero with anencephaly, who died full term, during birth. In the ups and down, I am ever seeking how to fully enter my vocation, pursue holiness and maintain balance in the pursuit of academic and artistic endeavors.

Beauty draws the viewer out of himself, inspiring him to contemplation. In the process of grief, I found art and faith my greatest consolation. I am a writer. Writing has been constant throughout all these stages.

I hope you will enjoy the journey with me to pursue answers to these complex questions and savor the moments of insights as they arise in everyday life.


1 thought on “About”

  1. God’s creations should be highlighted even by our human hands. God Bless

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