Have Yourself a Festive Little Holiday.

I thought we would host my family on December 10.
I thought we would get out of hosting and escape to my parents’ for an easy Christmas dinner December 25.
I thought we would host my husband’s family on December 27.
I thought my husband would be working a lot around this holiday.
Instead, we got COVID-19.
What happened to festivity?

Mistakes I’ve Made Hosting

and how I learned to overcome them. I love to host. Freely, I admit it. These days bringing the people together to our house is easier than the alternative between planning for five children, including one of those not-very-flexible toddlers) and a slew of animals on our growing farm. But even before that, I lovedContinue reading “Mistakes I’ve Made Hosting”

It’s Advent! What do you have to wait for?

The season begins with its rich sounds, smells, flavors and traditions. Now comes the change, with stores and social media working overtime to sell us on the holiday spirit. Now comes the new flavor of excitement for children. Christmas excitement. Winter break excitement. The excitement of getting and hopefully, at least a little, the excitementContinue reading “It’s Advent! What do you have to wait for?”

Gift Guide to Local Christmas Shopping

We probably all know, at least intellectually, that it’s better to shop local. Here in the heart of the Golden State, you can find so much in your own backyard. Behold, your local gift guide for Christmas shopping. Let’s start with foodstuffs. In our consumer age, a lot of people have more than they needContinue reading “Gift Guide to Local Christmas Shopping”

The heart of hospitality

Before walking out the backdoor I grabbed the pair of toddler size, navy and white spats. I circumvented the puppy, closed the gate, and escaped. All she asked was that I text when I was on my way. She heard me open the gate at her house and make my way through their front yardContinue reading “The heart of hospitality”