A Review of Remnant of Paradise by Alice von Hildebrand

She gives a voice to the ideas that swirl around my mind and reminds me what we believe and why we believe it.  Reading her words, I feel seen, known and loved. And as always, von Hildebrand does this in an effortless, approachable, conversational style.

Story into Song with Opera Modesto

Designing Curriculum for Opera Modesto’s Story into Song There is a lifestyle in which one is hired at age 24 or 25 and works there until retirement. I know this life exists, but I do not think it exists for my husband or me. Instead, we began growing our family, and with each addition, aContinue reading “Story into Song with Opera Modesto”

What Kind of Book is A Little More Beautiful?

No publisher would take it. So she began her own publishing company. Sarah Mackenzie, who founded and runs Read-Aloud Revival, an expert in what makes a picture book a work of art, is now a published author. A Little More Beautiful began arriving at houses in March.