Yesterday’s Books is Closing

An Ode to Good Bookstores “It happens to us once or twice in a lifetime to be drunk with some book which probably has some extraordinary relative power to intoxicate us and none other, and having exhausted that cup of enchantment we go groping in libraries all our years afterward in the hope of beingContinue reading “Yesterday’s Books is Closing”

Catholic Pop-Up Markets on the Rise

The move toward pop-up shops was an already growing trend that Forbes identified as a result from rising real estate and e-commerce. Now, nearly three years after the COVID-19 pandemic and its associated shutdowns closed businesses deemed non-essential, the sales landscape for artists and makers has changed. And the parishes are not far behind.

Next Steps on this Poetic Journey

How poetry came to be to me From love poems to horses to angsty free verse poetry to rhyming poems about the faith, my journey into poetry began at a young age, slept during the years of fiction and college essay writing, and awoke only briefly in my AP English class in high school. “TheContinue reading “Next Steps on this Poetic Journey”

“Sweep” swept my heart away

Sweep: The Story of a Girl and Her Monster Sweep: The Story of a Girl and Her Monster (May 5, 2020) written by Jonathan Auxier is one of those remarkable, read-aloud books for all ages. Sarah Mackenzie, the host of the Read-Aloud Revival described Sweep as having “won a place in my all-time tippy topContinue reading ““Sweep” swept my heart away”

The Joy in an Old Friend

Now I hold in my mind and imagination the places she visits, the people of whom she speaks, and the goodness and quirks that invade her daily life as she parents three children across the country. It’s a gift to be so united. Nine hours delay was nothing compared to the joy in an old friend.

What Flannery Recommends: Non-fiction and Catholicism

Flannery O’Connor read for pleasure, to instruct her craft, for spiritual education, and for reviews. In The Habit of Being: Letters of Flannery O’Connor (August 1, 1988) edited by Sally Fitzgerald, lovers and students of literature are treated to a rare treat, this 640 volume that contains over 100 book recommendations.