Spring Gift Guide – Gift Guide for Mother’s Day

Join us for The Loreto Market, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on May 1! With the market taking place one week before Mother’s Day, it’s the perfect opportunity to shop local and celebrate a mother in your life.

Spring Gift Guide – Gift Guide for Sacraments

The Loreto Market takes place from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on May 1. With so many holidays and events on the calendar in the coming weeks, I thought a gift guide might be handy. Do you have a Confirmation mass to attend in the afternoon? First Holy Communions coming up? Whether Baptisms, First HolyContinue reading “Spring Gift Guide – Gift Guide for Sacraments”

Two New Projects…and an Announcement

I dreamt of an opportunity to come together as Catholics to delight, learn and engage in our shared Catholic culture. I dreamt of ways to highlight those local Catholic artists, makers and entrepreneurs who seemed to go it alone in the Central Valley of California, finding their way through non-denominational Christian or secular avenues because the infrastructure was lacking for a Catholic market in our area.

What to Do with the in-between season

As I write this, it is the first day of Spring. From the white board in front of our makeshift homeschool classroom, I can erase the word “Winter” from the combination “Winter/Spring”. We live in a form of winter/spring for a handful of months in the Central Valley. The weather warms, but might still freeze.Continue reading “What to Do with the in-between season”

What We’re Up To

She turned a year old in January. I find cloth napkins strewn throughout the child-friendly area of the living room and dining room because she grabs whatever she can at the edge of the dining table. We manage hurtles to get past the baby gates to cross the house. I think to myself that someoneContinue reading “What We’re Up To”

Good Gifts, Charlie Brown

Gift Giving 101 The Best Guide for Gift-giving This Year Between the Christmas Basket Toy Drive and the upcoming Christmas festivities, there was a good deal of talk about gift-giving (and getting) in our house. It was time to take matters into hand and offer a gift-giving lesson as part of our school day. SittingContinue reading “Good Gifts, Charlie Brown”

Choose Festivity

The Covid-shutdown shuffled around our income. In the transition, we find my husband now working most holiday mornings. It was not a change I would have lobbied for. You see, I am an extrovert, and as an extrovert, I crave conversation, discussion, a rational witness to the work I am undergoing, a companion on theContinue reading “Choose Festivity”

The things that make us Human

I felt the pain creep into my hips and back. In the afternoon, finding a quiet moment, I lay down on the wall-to-wall beige carpet in our living room prepared to pull this leg and that against my chest, so many seconds at a time, following the instructions from a physical therapist. Right leg. LeftContinue reading “The things that make us Human”

What Feels More Real?

Now that that’s over The election is finally nearing an end (as of this writing) and I can hear the celebrations and sighs of relief on one side and the cries of injustice, stolen elections, fear and trembling for the future on the other. I could write that same sentence had it gone the otherContinue reading “What Feels More Real?”

Take Back the Culture One Shopping Trip at a Time

The Black Friday Tradition What will Black Friday be this year? Many of us grew up with a tradition of Black Friday shopping on an actual day after Thanksgiving. Some people woke up early, some meandered out around 10 a.m., but many enjoyed it in their own way. I remember snippets of this tradition. WeContinue reading “Take Back the Culture One Shopping Trip at a Time”