Lifting the World up by Beauty

Without electronic amplification, the Band of Voices led by Alfred Calabrese expanded and contracted, filling the Basilica without accompaniment, moving our hearts in a rhythm of beauty with the physicality of music that it is only possible with the human voice or the organ. I often held back tears.

What’s the big deal about Saint Patrick’s Day?

Saint Patrick’s Day becomes a way of showing Irish pride or support of Irish independence, or dare I say, support that all people should be free and accorded their God-given rights and dignity, which no one should take from them.

The Making of a Documentary Film

Let’s film you In the fall of 2021, Dillon Hayes of All I Have, LLC, emailed my husband to see if he would be open to participating in a documentary. The prospect sounded exciting. I joined the conversation when Hayes expressed a desire to not only film my husband at work but the entire family,Continue reading “The Making of a Documentary Film”