The Sweat Work of Creativity

“You don’t know why yet. You’re just starting to dream things up, little pieces that are pockets full of words. That is one step of the process, that exciting part is the inspiration, but then it comes to the craft part, which is where the outline comes in.” The outline is what “you do with those pieces.”

A Poem from Point Lobos

The Black and White of Grief June 5, 2023 I wrote this poem in the days following our adventure at Point Lobos. When grief hits us, it can feel like the color has drained from our world. After our daughter Celeste died during birth from anencephaly and as we adjusted our son Peter’s medical world,Continue reading “A Poem from Point Lobos”

A Review of Remnant of Paradise by Alice von Hildebrand

She gives a voice to the ideas that swirl around my mind and reminds me what we believe and why we believe it.  Reading her words, I feel seen, known and loved. And as always, von Hildebrand does this in an effortless, approachable, conversational style.