What we can learn from motherhood

The potential of motherhood is a remarkable thing. We can learn a great deal from it, whether we are mothers or not. A woman carries a child inside her, slowly over time becoming more and more aware of its movements, its hiccups, its wakefulness, its tendency to kick in the middle of the night. HerContinue reading “What we can learn from motherhood”

Spring Fever

It turns out that Spring Fever is real.  Centuries ago, it was the name for land scurvy and cured by consuming lemons, limes or oranges, Dr. Greg Swabe wrote for Knox Pediatrics in 2018. The disease “involved fatigue, malaise, easy bruising, bone pain, hemorrhaging of the scalp and gums, and poor wound healing….their vitamin C levels became depleted duringContinue reading “Spring Fever”

Arbor Day and Earth Day

Earth Day Earth Day was April 22. It is an annual event, begun on April 22, 1970, to demonstrate support for environmental protection. 193 countries now celebrate it. The official theme for 2022 is “Invest in Our Planet.”  Arbor Day April 29 was Arbor Day, a secular day of observance which encourages individuals and groupsContinue reading “Arbor Day and Earth Day”

Lent in Progress

And so the usual pattern for many a practitioner of Lenten disciplines is to see, first, the perfectionist in those first two weeks of Lent. Dedicated, focused, zealous in his commitments, he dives wholeheartedly into the process. But then the bite comes on after that time, the pleasure of change diminishes and the work becomes difficult.

The Death of Ivan Ilyich

Inwardly, he knows and he knows that God knows, this is is what matters most now. In this he can rest. Someone knows him; Someone sees him; Someone understands. Ivan Illyich dies with little more understanding of that Someone then he set out with, but he knows something, and with this knowledge, he can stop fighting.