That day they walked from the upper room to the garden. She waited for him there. The girl thought and as she thought it came to her. At that time, she could be in so many places. Maybe she should feel confused. The king told her what would take place. Had she listened? Had sheContinue reading “TRIDUUM (THREE): AGONY”

On Gradualism, Evangelization, and the Stages of Change

I am so excited to hear what the news of what is coming out of the synod. The news is joyful and ripe for controversy because in this American society, we are not so good at listening. The concept is called “gradualism.” The idea is that I cannot leave sin cold-turkey. There is typically aContinue reading “On Gradualism, Evangelization, and the Stages of Change”

Middle Class Illusions

How do American couples make it work? By working. The income gap between those on the lower rungs of the income ladder and those on the higher rungs has been increasing over time and is now the greatest that we’ve seen. Yet we haven’t shed our sentiments about the American middle class and making it.Continue reading “Middle Class Illusions”

Education and the stay-at-home-mother

Education and the stay-at-home-mother As a society we have changed. In order to secure a livable wage, one must have a college degree. In order to advance in one’s field and make a greater than livable wage, one must have a master’s degree. These wages can be earned without the degree, but often they involveContinue reading “Education and the stay-at-home-mother”

Come and stay a while

It looks as though I never posted pictures of my daughter’s room once made over. I painted the walls with left over Collanade Gray (Sherwin Williams color mixed in Clark & Kinsington paint). Before moving to Minnesota in college a print store was going out of business and I found this beautiful print for $5.Continue reading “Come and stay a while”


TRIDUUM (TWO): THE WAY OF LOVE The king told her of the tables he turned over when he saw her selling her heart to a man. The man charmed her. His power surrounded her. The king saw their intentions. He fought for her. His heart thirsted for her, but he would let her love himContinue reading “TRIDUUM (TWO): THE WAY OF LOVE”

A Girl and Her King: Triduum (One)

TRIDUUM (ONE) They welcomed the King into the city. She kept in mind the sacrifice he made. They must be made to remember it. She had been on the battlefield only a week ago, ready to fight. There was a period of time when certain feelings had built up in her. Those feelings separated herContinue reading “A Girl and Her King: Triduum (One)”

Thinking about ambition.

Thinking about ambition. I grow eager to move on to the next thing once I feel the challenge of the present has been met. I may still have room to grow, but I no longer feel stressed or challenged by the present circumstances. What is the next thing? I shared feelings with my mom likeContinue reading “Thinking about ambition.”

The Christian Mission

Since this devastating persecution of Christians and other non-radical-Islamic-terrorist/thinking persons began in the summer I’ve been posting a number is articles from Elizabeth Scalia, The Anchoress at I’ve never gotten a comment on these articles. Perhaps it is because the topic is too gruesome or upsetting, perhaps it is because clicking a “like” buttonContinue reading “The Christian Mission”

She stood waiting for battle.

On facebook, I see this concept “Throwback Thursday.” In the spirit of that I shall post the beginning of a story I wrote 10 years ago, which is sort of a story all in itself. I apologize for any typographical errors. I wrote it a long time ago. She stood waiting for battle. The skyContinue reading “She stood waiting for battle.”