Reflections while reading Only the Lover Sings, Chapter 1

      As a child, there was just something different about me, different from the rest of my family and the people I met at church or at school. I hardly knew what that difference was. I enjoyed play outside, like any child. I had a deep imagination and richly patterned tapestries put togetherContinue reading “Reflections while reading Only the Lover Sings, Chapter 1”

Jewelry holder reveal

I love the idea of a world where necklaces live free, breathing clean air, away from the tangles and clutter of life piled deep within a drawer. Necklace holders, where they hang with grace, have attracted me for a while. I attempted to buy one shaped like a tree last year, but it was notContinue reading “Jewelry holder reveal”


They sat side by side, looking out from the palace, taking in the sight of the kingdom below. One could see everything from that balcony in the palace. The bustling crowds, the marketplace, the homes. Further out, the farms, the cottages, the greater estates with their large homes. Yet farther still, the hills and battlefields,Continue reading “PEACE IN THIS PLACE”

New outdoor projects with pictures!

I’m sure I mentioned this a few times but now I’ve finally taken this finished project out of the garage and into the light. Here is the estate sale rocking chair with a blue makeover, Napoleonic blue by Annie Sloans’ Chalk Paint to be specific.   Sanding this would have been a nightmare. It’s veryContinue reading “New outdoor projects with pictures!”

A solution to the toddler-book-decor dilemma: bookshelf reveal!

If you have young children and a yen to decorate you know how young children push you to adapt. I have been in search of a way to store my children’s books. I tried a traditional bookshelf a few years ago. That ended quickly. You’d be amazed how difficult it is for a two yearContinue reading “A solution to the toddler-book-decor dilemma: bookshelf reveal!”


That evening the queen asked the girl to stay the night in the palace. She went, not thinking or considering what this invitation could mean. When she entered she could feel that evening was different than all other evenings. She was honored to stay specifically at the lady’s request, specifically at the king’s request. SheContinue reading “A NIGHT IN THE PALACE”

I might have actually liked Frozen…

Have you seen this song “Life’s Too Short” which was created but then cut from the movie Frozen? There were many paths considered for the plot of the movie Frozen. This was cut as the story was developed. Please watch it and read on. I think I would have really liked Frozen if they hadContinue reading “I might have actually liked Frozen…”

Considering new projects while making adjustments here and there

Following Christmas came more colds. The baby started with a cough and it slowly made it’s way around the family. I was knocked flat (or wanted to be) for two days. So I now continue to travel on the road of sleep deprivation towards recovery. One day…one day. Here are the minor changes that tookContinue reading “Considering new projects while making adjustments here and there”

Christmas time has come and gone

Yesterday, in the Catholic Church, we celebrated the Baptism of Christ, which marks the closing of the Christmas season. For all of you who find yourselves saying, “I just hate Christmas to end” I think the answer is the Catholic way. We spent Advent in preparation and anticipation. Following Christmas we have the octave ofContinue reading “Christmas time has come and gone”