Many happy returns

A lot has happened in the past month so there has been little time to post. To celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary, I was something special, something extravagant. We had been through so much together. Three children born, two children in heaven, five homes: two apartments, two houses and our home now where we hopeContinue reading “Many happy returns”

Life in Balance

For me, life is about balance. Just as in family systems therapy, I see life as a child’s mobile. Each piece is weighted strategically to create harmony as a hole. Were one piece to take on additional weight, or be robbed of its proper weight, the entire mobile would wobble and shake, attempting to findContinue reading “Life in Balance”

An intro to the great outdoors

We continue to move along.  The living room is nearly done (at least for this stage of the game).  I’m so pleased with the clean, modern look of Collonade Gray in the walls.  We have our World Market basket weave lamp shade is up in place of the already-here chandelier. When I walk down ourContinue reading “An intro to the great outdoors”

Little projects here and there

We’re making progress at a bit at a time.  Our new chaise lounge arrived and fits beautifully with our bedroom decor.  I realize now the decor was less Art Nouveau and more Rococo, but I’m sure no one will fault me for it.  The important thing for me are the colors, organic shapes and mixturesContinue reading “Little projects here and there”

The Casey House of Hughson

And now for our new home.  I’d like to do this room by room as I manage the work, room by room.  The style of the home is contemporary and it is part of a larger housing development.  We fell in love with it’s openness, light, plantation shutters, the presence of a porch/patio-like area inContinue reading “The Casey House of Hughson”

The Casey House Evolution

We have, by the grace of God, moved into a lovely home in the small town of my upbringing, Hughson.  A la The Little Way of Ruthie Lemming, I am terribly grateful to be so close to my parents and grandmother, and accept that despite our longing for fine dining, the arts, jazz, and friendsContinue reading “The Casey House Evolution”

In medio stat virtus

In all things moderation.  Jealousy in moderation, particularly. A study (link: shows us we’re less happy when see people’s picture perfect lives on facebook.  We can probably generalize those findings to other forms of social media as well.  I see the home she bought with her banker-husband all set up.  I don’t see theContinue reading “In medio stat virtus”

Self-sustaining parishes

I was struck several weeks back to hear that a local parish rents out part of their property to a radio station and from the monies they receive in this arrangement, were able to pay for building repairs without touching their operating funds.  It brought to mind the monasteries that are self-sustaining and produce someContinue reading “Self-sustaining parishes”