Reflections on Gift from the Sea, Part Two

With a small group of ladies, I am reading Gift from the Sea, by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. We begin by noting the quotes that resonated with us and why. I will share them with you now. I want a singleness of eye, a purity of intention, a central core of my life that will enableContinue reading “Reflections on Gift from the Sea, Part Two”

The thoughts we’re tempted to

Is anyone done being fascinated by our Holy Father, Pope Francis? I continue to read news outlets attempting to pinpoint him. He truly is a man of the middle road and for those who hold fast to left or right, he is an enigma, and a frustrating one at that. I think that Pope Francis’Continue reading “The thoughts we’re tempted to”

The evangelization of culture: Sr. Christina sings “Like a Virgin”

When I first saw a news article about the beloved Sour Christiana singing a cover of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” this seemed too much to handle. I was deeply touched watching the clip from Italy’s The Voice in which she moves the hearts of the judges, particularly J-AX. It was profound. I am a fanContinue reading “The evangelization of culture: Sr. Christina sings “Like a Virgin””


The girl felt far away, as though she could not reach him. She could not look. The girl did not dare look. If she looked she would see her beloved hung on the cross. She heard descriptions descriptions, but she could not picture it. This was pain incarnate. The king was there now. Her headContinue reading “TRIDUUM (THREE): HE DRAWS ALL MEN TO HIMSELF”

The IPS Model

I thought this was important to share. This model comes out of the phenomenal graduate school I attended.   The Theological and Philosophical Premises concerning the Person in the IPS Model of Integration THE IPS GROUP1 (TEXT DATE: AUGUST 15, 2014) This text presents a Catholic-Christian view of the human person as a basis forContinue reading “The IPS Model”

Woodland Tea Party-Birthday Party

For my daughter’s fourth birthday party, a milestone in my eyes (goodbye toddlerhood?) I wanted to do something very special for this little girl. Inspired by this crafty and enchanting floral fox birthday party, I decided on a woodland tea party in my parents’ almond orchard. Armed with orange balloons, pink balloons and a heliumContinue reading “Woodland Tea Party-Birthday Party”

A B.A. in Home Economics

What if we brought back home economics courses (culinary design anyone?)? What if there were a degree in home economics. I thought of this some time ago and wanted to share it here today. As a young adult I knew many women who did not attend or finish college because there was never a stringContinue reading “A B.A. in Home Economics”


That day they walked from the upper room to the garden. She waited for him there. The girl thought and as she thought it came to her. At that time, she could be in so many places. Maybe she should feel confused. The king told her what would take place. Had she listened? Had sheContinue reading “TRIDUUM (THREE): AGONY”

On Gradualism, Evangelization, and the Stages of Change

I am so excited to hear what the news of what is coming out of the synod. The news is joyful and ripe for controversy because in this American society, we are not so good at listening. The concept is called “gradualism.” The idea is that I cannot leave sin cold-turkey. There is typically aContinue reading “On Gradualism, Evangelization, and the Stages of Change”

Middle Class Illusions

How do American couples make it work? By working. The income gap between those on the lower rungs of the income ladder and those on the higher rungs has been increasing over time and is now the greatest that we’ve seen. Yet we haven’t shed our sentiments about the American middle class and making it.Continue reading “Middle Class Illusions”