2015 Christmas House Tour

I’m so torn on a theme for Christmas decorating this year. Wintry theme with silver, blue and white…



or vintage reds…



or focus on neutrals and naturals…

IMG_8118IMG_8147 The outcome has been a decision to decorate more than one room, of course! So now, let me take you on a tour. This is a whole house tour, but the text is light, so hopefully I won’t lose you somewhere down the hallway.

Come on up the walk.

IMG_8152Come a few days later and see poinsettias in place of Old Saint Nick (the younger toddler enjoyed his presence a little too much).

IMG_8219Large red Nutcracker with poinsettia garnish. He belonged to my grandmother who downsized her Christmas collection at her last move. He sits a top a fruit crate and a rotting, but still beautiful red packing crate.

IMG_8218Please don’t ring the doorbell. Knock before entering. Our boxwood wreath is from Trader Joe’s. We recently purchased an cast iron owl door knocker and I added sleigh bells found at my husband’s grandmother’s house. You may ring those to enter.


But first stop and look up and to your right, over our patio.


When you enter, directly above you, you’ll see one of my favorites in the house, very simply embellished with a golden German glitter star from Pottery Barn. In the distance is a picture print by Currier and Ives. “These wonderful things are the things we remember all through our lives…”

IMG_8142When your enter, to the left is the living area of this open concept room, centered on the fireplace.


I gave the Nativity scene pride of place, and added a diy pine garland, and ivory wool garland made by finger weaving on both the mantle and our fireplace “screen” (a Victorian window).


I added a few white seeds from the tree outside and natural pinecones.


Our stocking holders are from Pottery Barn, heavy duty and engraved with the words: faith, hope, charity, and peace. This way they can be passed down to future generations, something not possible, or less likely, if we put the children’s names on them.


To the side of the fireplace is an antique radio, painted white (the veneer was ruined) decorated with a Nutcracker, antique transfer ware tea pot (not usable) and reindeer from a local shop.


Keep it neutral I have homemade blankets in plaid and window pane print plus one fuzzy blanket from Pier 1.

IMG_8286 IMG_8288

You’re at our house so we must be friends. Have a stop at the bar. Pinecones from our old home in the country and from our adventure tree cutting two years ago, spray painted with silver paint.


Come for a snack at our dining table while we light the advent wreath. I melted crayons with parafin wax in a crock pot and dipped plain old white pillar candles to create an Advent wreath with pillar candles on a budget. Nestled inside a basket with white felt and rosemary, it looked a bit cuter when the rosemary was not so dry. Twill be enhanced with some clipped pine soon. Miss Mustard Seed’s Advent wreath from last year.

IMG_8124Enjoy the local Nativity scene on the table. I painted the plain wood figures after we found we could not tell Mary from a Wise Man.IMG_8138My children love visitors, and it’s impossible to visit without being offered a tour of the kids’ room by my 5-year old. I set up something special for them, out of reach from toddler hands.


Red, wood bead garland, little craft store stockings, disco ball ornaments and some hallmark figurines because we love the classics.


Across from the kids room is the guest bath, with a simple display of ribbon, mittens and holly hand towels give it is Christmas cheer.

IMG_8292 IMG_8293

I love the smell of Williams-Sonoma soap. In the guest bath is the scent, winter forest.


And since we’ve been drinking I’ll even show you the master bedroom during this tour. I added red yarn garland made through finger weaving. I think this idea was promoted through the blog, The Nester. Finger weaving is now my favorite activity since I’m resting and busy all at once.

IMG_8225I’ll explain to you that things are in the process of moving around with the baby coming this January. But here you can see my ornate blue pillow from Pier 1 and new antique frame (courtesy of Craigslist) with our wedding photos.

IMG_8227Faux fur stole from The Limited.

IMG_8228 I added another finger woven garland to the bathroom.

IMG_8231And with more inspiration from Miss Mustard Seed, I dove into the joy of wrapping gifts as creatively as possible for each gift. They are currently piled in the bedroom.



IMG_8232IMG_8229 IMG_8233 IMG_8234The theme is a mashup since I used what I have on hand. Next year the colors will be more unified.IMG_8235

IMG_8201Returning to the living room. We spent so much time looking at decorations that the sun has set and the tree is lit.

IMG_8248 My children decorated this little one. Next to it sits a basket of Christmas books.


IMG_8254As you leave, take one last long look at this happy home.

IMG_8244And another, long last look.  IMG_8239 Well, shoot, okay, one more.

IMG_8238 To affix the Christmas lights to the stucco we used a hot glue gun. It was a genius trick. I’m grateful all the information available on the internet.

Thank you for visiting! Come again soon!