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Four Friends Market

My enthusiasm has followed the activities of the Four Friends Market after experiencing for the first time the power of a what a group of creative women can do for their community of creators and shoppers alike. These four friends have caught the pulse of the climate, beginning with an

Review of The Home Design Doodle Book

As an avid reader of the blog, Miss Mustard Seed was excited to explore her latest creation, The Home Design Doodle Book. I was not disappointed. The artist in me delighted in the look and design of it. The friend in me delighted in the gift potential, already thinking of

Bathroom completion!

Oh my, how long ago was it when we began this bathroom remodel. I painted the bathroom cabinet, and began scouring the internet for mirror and décor ideas. My husband added hardware, changed the faucets, and then we waited for the mirrors to arrive…and waited…and waited…and waited. One arrived broken.

Another flurry of activity

I told you before about the beastly staples. I did a little bit each day and finally managed to strip the two chairs chairs. Once stripped, stapling moves by quickly, within the span of an episode of the Lone Ranger. Since I knew stapling would go so quickly, I decided

Work Days and Unbelievable Grandparents

Yesterday was Monday and this summer I have Mondays off so taking advantage of the generosity of my parents I have scheduled four work days with them, days during which they take the three kids and my husband I work around the house, uninterrupted. It’s laborious bliss. I feel very

Re-upholstery: Chair Time

Along with the project of refreshing/remodeling the bathroom, I began to reupholster this antique chair. I thought it was an antique. It is not. It is in an antique style, Louis XVI, I believe. Which is fine, except it is really difficult to take the staples out of furniture which

Bathroom Refresh – Phase 1

For a year, I’ve been laying in my bed, looking through the door to the master bathroom, hating it. I hated the orange-brown wood stain so common to houses built around the turn of the century, turn of the millennium. I hated the over-sized mirror, frameless mirror. Why do I

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