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The Triple Bunk Bed cont…with plans pdf!

It is finished! To see some of the process, click here. Well, it was finished a while ago but I wanted to be able to share with you the plans my husband put together. Alphabet sheets, from IKEA but discontinued, for the boy, along with an small jungle of stuff

Patriotic pillow without a plan

Some projects work out but aren’t diy tutorial worthy. I’ll share the steps with you though because its ever so important to remember how human we all are. To make some vintage style patriotic pillows I gleaned the internet to see what the local stores have in stock…nothing, such is

DIY fabric wall art from pillow cases

I am incredibly picky when it comes to bedding. I search the internet long and hard before I find something I like. Usually what I like is absurdly expensive. This is not something I learned from my family, who appreciate things that look good but find expensive prices as ridiculous

Upholstered Headboards for the Triple Bunk Bed

Good design is in the details. And I believe good design does not waste. When we moved into this house one year ago I attempted to convert our dining chair habit to benches so the children would take up less space. Nice idea, but uncomfortable! I think dining benches are

Converting a Dresser to a Changing Table

One of my dearest friends is pregnant with her first child. Combing facebook I found this striking and sweet Craigslist find. The wide surface and drawer shapes could be perfect for a changing table. We went in person. The piece needed a lot of work and is about 20 inches

Vintage Metal Chair Remodel Reveal

Our outdoor furniture is a variety of hand-me-downs. We started with redwood furniture from my parents’ house, which my husband reinforced with additional wood screws and braces. Now we have replaced the redwood chairs and side table with wicker chairs and a marble table. A few years back when my

Bye Baby Bunting

Inspired by the bunting in Miss Mustard Seed’s Studio, I decided to make some bunting for the nursery. With a special vision in mind, I set out to purchase a crocheted table cloth that I could cut up and use. Believing crocheting is an art, I wanted something stained so

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