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How to use Holiday decorations to teach religious traditions that matter

Photos of the week… Easter Edition Like Christmas, Easter has its octave because a big celebration requires more than just one day of celebrating. After the octave, the Easter season lasts until Pentecost. Last year, I planned my Easter decorations while I sat beside Peter’s hospital crib. The fulfillment was more

Waiting for Easter

The clouds rolled in on that Friday called good. What was I doing? My Lent was a mess. After two years of living Lent, I wanted to go back in time, to simply fast and pray. It happened, but halfway through I dropped the prayer and the fasting cost me

Easter Plans

We have such a day planned! I spent Holy Saturday in a delicious frenzy putting into motion plans that had been swimming in my mind for months. Early this year I made bunting using a stained thrift-store crocheted table cloth, cut into triangles and sewn by machine to two-inch baby

Easter Joy

I took care of myself yesterday. I exercised in the afternoon, walked in the evening and read at night. I walked three laps around the park in order to clear my head from the afternoon onslaught of crying and screams from hell-bound ruffians, I mean, my blessed little children. Emotional

An Easter recap

We’re meeting milestones here. For the first time since our eldest was born, I made it to Good Friday celebrations. Grace abounded with the relaxed attitude I brought with me (unusual, I can assure you). It was beautiful to see my son venerate the cross. On Holy Saturday I struggled

Easter Preparations for the eye and mouth

Spring Decor Now is the time for Lent. It is a time when we prepare for Easter. It is not a time to yet celebrate Easter. But still, with preparation, some exciting things must take place, such as planning the Easter menu. And as we live in California, spring comes

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