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Wine Tasting Birthday Party

The Occasion For my mother’s 65th, I planned an afternoon wine tasting party. Decorations were inspired by the bold reds selected for the tasting, along with traditional wine and Tuscan decor. As part of the planning, my husband and I made the sacrifice of leaving the children with the grandparents

The Un-Thanksgiving Menu

This year, as way to have an intimate family gathering, we decided to do an Un-Thanskgiving Menu on Wednesday evening, taking a twist on the traditionals. Thursday we would be spend with relatives. This could be our chance to be fancy, gourmet, and thankful, because, well, neither of our families

All Souls’ Day Celebration

I love Halloween. I love the controversy and the conversations. For some reason, I’ve been comfortable with the macabre for a long time. Cemeteries were never creepy. Post-conversion, I thought it was beautiful to sit in a cemetery and just soak in the awareness of the souls in Heaven and

Woodland Tea Party-Birthday Party

For my daughter’s fourth birthday party, a milestone in my eyes (goodbye toddlerhood?) I wanted to do something very special for this little girl. Inspired by this crafty and enchanting floral fox birthday party, I decided on a woodland tea party in my parents’ almond orchard. Armed with orange balloons,

It’s you I like

Another month another party! My grandmother celebrated her 88th birthday in August. To celebrate her we held an intimate soiree with family and friends. How lovely that our dear friends have become her friends over the years. On the menu we served jalepeño artichoke dip, spinach dip with French bread,

Many happy returns

A lot has happened in the past month so there has been little time to post. To celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary, I was something special, something extravagant. We had been through so much together. Three children born, two children in heaven, five homes: two apartments, two houses and our

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