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The Little Things Update

Since the office overhaul there have not been any massive changes. We added sheet metal to one side of the office supply cabinet so my daughter could play with magnets there and hang her school work. We finally got to changing the legs on the dining table. The legs before

Outdoor update (the fence is in!) plus tips on how to negotiate

The fence is in! It turned out beautifully. We find the space feels larger now and I can relax much more knowing the kids could not just run out into the street. Currently we’re working on teaching the boy not to open the gates without permission. I’m pleased with the

Back to the Nature

I shared with you before that we will be putting in a wrought iron fence. The mow strip is in. They also took out the inside concrete strip (meant for RV access, although there is a tree in the way). Here is before: And now: You can see how much

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