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Clean the inside of the cup first.

The problem with waiting to take photographs is that things never look quite as stunning as when the project is first completed, especially with two toddlers around marking their territory by toy droppings. Nevertheless, I’ve finally photographed the garden. We trimmed down bushes, (to be further trimmed or relocated in

An intro to the great outdoors

We continue to move along.  The living room is nearly done (at least for this stage of the game).  I’m so pleased with the clean, modern look of Collonade Gray in the walls.  We have our World Market basket weave lamp shade is up in place of the already-here chandelier.

First Musings

I am considering having a blog.  I am not sure why.  Could it be beneficial to others?  Would others enjoy seeing my little crafts and decorating projects?  At one time, I was a good writer.  Could this perhaps be a useful venture?  Let us see… This weekend I put the

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